What should I expect on my first visit?

On your first visit, you will be greeted by Jennifer, our office manager or one of our front desk staff to receive the paperwork for you to fill out.  The paperwork lets our doctors know of your needs, intensions, and reason for your visit.  Our staff will ask to photocopy a valid I.D., your most recent insurance card, and any documentation you may have that is pertinent to your condition such as radiograph reports, MRI and CT scan results, and all other legal documents.  As you fill out the required information, please know that your answers are very important and your confidentiality will always be protected.

You will then be asked to proceed to our examination room for your initial consultation, evaluation, and examination.  Dr. Arturo Gonzalez will ask you about your health complaints and your main concerns.  They will also ask about your family health history, previous illnesses, any history of care you may have had in the past, your work history, activities and hobbies, and all other questions designed to help determine the nature of your illness and the best way to go about treating your problem.

A thorough physical and spinal examination will be performed to determine any structural abnormalities, which may be affecting or causing your condition.  This examination will include orthopedic, neurologic, range of motion studies, and a comprehensive chiropractic evaluation including motion palpation, neuromuscular assessment, and muscle testing.  All of these elements are important components of your total health profile, and vital to the doctor in evaluating your problem.

At the end of your initial examination and evaluation, the doctor will determine if immediate care and attention is needed.  The information gathered will be used to formulate and create a specific treatment plan that will best suit your needs.  The doctor will suggest a care plan and will answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding the length of care, cost of care, and more importantly, if the doctor can help you with your problem.

If immediate care is needed, please know that the doctor will perform any procedure necessary to help ease your pain.  A Chiropractic “Adjustment”, Soft Tissue work such as Trigger Point Therapy, Active Release Technique, Myofascial Release, Joint Mobilization, and Stretches, or the use of Modalities such as Interferential Stimulation, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Ice and/or Heat therapy will be used based on necessity and need.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions or express any concerns you may have.  Know that your concerns and your well-being is important to us.  Our goal is to help you achieve optimum health using the true principles of chiropractic care.  We are committed to relieving your pain and improving your overall health so that you may live life to the fullest!